NPower NASIMS Test Score 2021 | How to Check N-Power Test Result Online

Check NPower NASIMS Test Score 2021 | N-Power Recruitment Test Result Checking Portal is now available: The Results of candidates that so far participated in the N-Power Programme Batch C Recruitment Test that is been carried out online has now been uploaded on the NASIMS Portal Dashboard.

If you have written your NPower Test on the NASIMS Portal and want to see your result again or wish to print it then this page is for you, continue reading to know how you can check your result or test score.

How to Check NPower NASIMS Test Score 2021.

Let’s get to the main topic of discussion, all applicants of the N-Power Batch C Programme Recruitment Exercise can now view their NASIMS Test Results online anytime, anywhere.

To be able to view your Test Score, of course you must first of all, finish and submit your test online via the NPower Test Portal >>

To view your NPower CBT Test Result, Follow the below outlined steps.

  1. Visit the NASIMS Portal via
  2. Click on Login Link
  3. Login with your Credentials (Email and Password)
  4. Once you are successfully logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard
  5. Finally, click on View Test Result button to see your score in percentage.
  6. You may continue to print a copy of the result.

NOTE: If you can not see the View Test Result button on your dashboard even though you have written the test and submitted, kindly exercise patience as your result is not yet ready and uploaded to your dashboard. Kindly wait a few hours and check back again to be able to see your score on demand.

NPower NASIMS Test Cutoff Mark 2021.

If you have been wondering the what could be the official cut off point for the N-Power NASIMS Test then wonder no more as the official cutoff mark is rumored to be around 35% to 40% .

So don’t worry too much as the cutoff might be level of education/academic qualification or programme applied for.

Retake NPower NASIMS Test.

Have you written your N-power Nasims Test and scored low percentage and you are wondering how you can retake the test for a better score? If yes then see below whether you can retake your test to have a better score than the first.

The answer to the above question is, you can only retake the N-Power Test when you have not submitted or end the test, will have a maximum of 3 retries or attempts for the test, once the 3 attempts have been exhausted you can not take the test again.

See: NPower Batch C NASIMS Test Questions & Answers 2021 |

Best trick is to go through the question on your first attempt from 1st to the 20th questions and see how simple or hard they are, then if they are simple, you start answering, but if not then you should start again by logging out and login again or retake test button so you can see entirely different set of questions that might be easier than the first or second set of questions.

So for you to be able to know your NPower NASIMS Test Score, you must first submit your test, which after clicking the submit button, you won’t be able to take another test. So it is impossible to retake the test because of poor test score or result.


Have further questions or issues you need clarification on? want to stay updated by any N-Power Batch C News? Kindly leave a comment below with your valid email and I will address your questions, also turn on post notifications to stay up to date on NPower NASIMS Portal News for Batch C.

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