NPower Batch C NASIMS Test Questions & Answers 2021 |

NPower Batch C NASIMS Test Questions & Answers 2021 | This will guide you with some current and past test questions and answers from the ongoing NPower Batch C Recruitment Online Test on the NASIMS Portal 2021.

The Npower test is a major criterion for selection of Batch C beneficiaries for the N-Power scheme, so you can’t afford to score below 70%.

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First of all, make sure you have updated your Records on NASIMS portal to get your NASIMS Verification  ID. Write down your NASIMS ID, this ID will be your login details to will enable you access the test questions on

NPower Batch C NASIMS Test Questions & Answers 2021

Below are some of the questions you might encounter when sitting for the N-Power Nasims Test 2021, all below questions are current questions written by other applicants.

NOTE: Questions are not the same for all applicants, Applicant A questions might be different from Applicant B questions. The questions and answers below might not come up in all candidates exam.

1.      My parents suggested ………. Apply for job.

  • a.       Me to
  • b.      Me I should
  • c.       That I
  • d.      If I
  • e.       Whether I

2.      The meeting …………. With the national anthem

  • a.       Concluded
  • b.      Completed
  • c.       Ended
  • d.      Finished
  • e.       Stopped

3.      Do you mind if I open the window? I’d rather you……….

  • a.      Don’t
  • b.      Won’t
  • c.       Do
  • d.      Would
  • e.       Didn’t

4.      If I had 10 apples and gave my friend ola 4, how many apples do I have left?

  • a.       10
  • b.      7
  • c.       4
  • d.      0
  • e.       6

5.      Wine is related to grapes in the same way as vodka is related to

  • a.      Flour
  • b.      Orange
  • c.       Potatoes
  • d.      Apples
  • e.       Agwalumo

6.      Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to

  • a.       Aware
  • b.      Ignorant
  • c.       Miserable
  • d.      Tolerant
  • e.       educated

7.      ……… is the most important characteristics of a state.

  • a.       Legitimacy
  • b.      Accountability
  • c.       Majority rule
  • d.      Governance
  • e.       Sovereignty

8.      A final examination requires that the students answers an 4 out of 6 questions. In how many ways can this be done?

9.       If P and Q are fixed points and X is a point which moves so that XP = XQ, the locus of X is

10.  If you …… the Prime Minister, what…….. you….?

  • a.       Are/would/ have done
  • b.      Were/would/do
  • c.       Will be/will/do
  • d.      Have been /are/doing
  • e.       Will have been/would/be doing

11.   If certain code ‘123’ means ‘hot filtered coffee’, ‘356’means ‘very hot day’ and ‘589’ means ‘day and night’. Which digit in that code means ‘very’?

  • a.       9
  • b.      5
  • c.       8
  • d.      6
  • e.       None of these

12.  ……… you please help me lift this box?

  • a.       Can
  • b.      Could
  • c.       Will
  • d.      May
  • e.       Would

13.  In a certain code language, “blue” means “car”, “car” means “wood”, “wood” means “rice”, “rice” means “chair” and “chair” means “table”. What do we eat?

  • a.       rice
  • b.      chair
  • c.       wood
  • d.      blue
  • e.       house

14.  The Indian magpie indulges …………. a long flight.

  • a.       At
  • b.      In
  • c.       An
  • d.      Over
  • e.       Alter

15.  The article “a” can be used with the following expert

  • a.       House
  • b.      Sheet
  • c.       Shoe
  • d.      Umbrella
  • e.       Pen

16.  How often are the hands of a clock at right angle everyday

  • a.       44times
  • b.      38times
  • c.       60times
  • d.      48times

17.  Which of these languages is spoken in delta?

  • a.       Biorm
  • b.      Nupe
  • c.       Fulani
  • d.      Isoko
  • e.       Gbagi

18.  Given the scores: 4,7,8,11,13,85,7,8,11,13,8 with corresponding frequencies: 3,5,2,7,2,13,5,2,7,2,1 respectively. The mean score is…

  • a.       7
  • b.      8.7
  • c.       9.5
  • d.      11
  • e.       6.5

19.  Blue is

  • a.       Primary colour
  • b.      Secondary colour
  • c.       Tertiary colour
  • d.      Complementary colour
  • e.       Natural colour

20.  Rectangular bars of equal width II. The height of each rectangular bar is proportional to the frequency of the corresponding class interval. III. Rectangular bars have common sides with no gaps in between. A histogram is described completely by

  • a.       I and II
  • b.      I and III
  • c.       I, II and III
  • d.      II and III

21.  How I wish I …………. My mother’s advice

  • a.      Had heeded
  • b.      Have heeded
  • c.       Had plucked
  • d.      Did pluck

22.   A set of all ordered pair (x,y) which satisfies the system of equations is called

  • a.      Solution set
  • b.      Null set
  • c.       Complex set
  • d.      Subset
  • e.       Graph set

23.  PRYQ:KCJB :: PWOV:?

24.  This is the name of the current minister of education in Nigeria

  • A.    Adumu Sanni
  • B.     Lai Mohammed
  • C.     Rotimi Amaechi
  • D.    Adamu Adamu
  • E.     Rochas Okoro Ocha

25.  Which of these is not a FRUIT

  • a.       Tomatoes
  • b.      Orange
  • c.       Banana
  • d.      Pepper
  • e.       Paw paw

26.  Book

  • a.       Friction
  • b.      Pages
  • c.       Picture
  • d.      Learning
  • e.       Pen

27.   Which is the coldest location in the earth?

  • a.      Antarctica
  • b.      Europe
  • c.       Asia
  • d.      America
  • e.       Africa

28.  Find the mean of 10, 8, 5, 11, 12, 9, 3, 15, and 23.

  • a.       11.2
  • b.      10
  • c.       10.2
  • d.      11.3
  • e.       11.7

29.  Factorize x2 + 2a + ax + 2x.

  • a.       (x + 2a)(x + 1)
  • b.      (x +2a)(x – 1)
  • c.       (x2 – 1)(x – a)
  • d.      (x + 2)(x + a)
  • e.       (x2 + 2)(x -2)

30.   If “K” means “subtracted from”, “L” means “divided by”, “M” means “added to” and “D” means “multiplied by”, then 96 L 4 K 6 M 11 D 9=

  • a.      117
  • b.      125
  • c.       120
  • d.      145
  • e.       174

31.  She wants to become ……. Engineer

  • a.       A
  • b.      An
  • c.       The
  • d.      Arn

32.  An Informal Gathering occurs when a group of people get together in a casual, relaxed manner. Which situation below is the best example of an Informal Gathering?

That’s the best I can do. Good luck in your exams.

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      It could be that you’re not selected for the physical verification

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      you will on the nasims portal

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