www.nasims.gov.ng | Fix NASIMS Password Reset, Account Not Found 2021

www.nasims.gov.ng 2021 | Fix Account Not Found, NASIMS ID, Password Reset, Record Update and Account Not Found Errors: This post will address most of the common errors applicants encounter on the NASIMS Portal for the N-Power Batch C Aptitude Test Portal 2021.

A lot of N-Power Batch C Applicants are complaining about some common and most faced errors that are delaying them from accessing key areas on the NASIMS Portal in order to their records and take a test. So we decided to create this post to help overcome these challenges, hopefully.

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Note that like you, there are thousands of applicants trying to access the NASIMS platform as a result the portal gets overwhelmed with traffic which leads to some of the errors you get. Kindly follow the tips below to fix the issue you are facing on the NASIMS portal:

How To Fix NASIMS ID, Password Reset, Record Update Errors on www.nasims.gov.ng

1) Password Reset:
For those of you having password reset errors, the tips below will help you fix it or find a way out of it.

  1. When you request for a password reset link and is been sent to your email and all you get is “Your password has been successfully reset” without resetting it, go back to the NASIMS portal and request for a new password reset link again and again till you to get the password reset link to reset your password.
  2. While sending the password reset link, you may get a response that something has gone wrong try again pop-up message. Do not stop, Click the send link button until you get a green success pop-up message, even after seen the success pop up, make sure you click the send link button like 4 times or more for the success message to come up so you can fasten the process of getting the mail. The same thing goes for you when resetting your password in your email inbox.

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NASIMs Record Update on www.nasims.gov.ng:
Some applicants have lots of corrections to carry out while updating their NASIMS records. I have seen some Applicants using certificates in place of passport and National ID card which is wrong. The good news is that on the new NASIMS portal you can now edit and correct these mistakes.

  1. If your date of birth was wrongly filled, make sure you correct it when validating your BVN. The correction will reflect on your data after a Successful BVN validation
  2. Make sure your documents size are not above 200kb before uploading if not you will get an error
  3. Make sure that you re-upload your passport along with other documents required if not you will get an error
  4. If you get a pop-up message that your date of birth does not correspond with your BVN during validation, make sure that you fill the date of birth in your BVN record instead if not will get an error.

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NASIMS Verification ID:
For those of you having the issue of NASIMS Verification ID, see tips below:

  • Your NASIMS ID is the Npower registration number boldly written when you login to your NASIMS portal. It starts with NPWR/2020/1234567890. You need that ID and your NASIMS portal reset Password to write your test
  • If you get an error while trying to access the test portal with your NASIMS ID and password correctly written, keep trying it might be a network Error.

NOTE: If you know that you have done everything right but still getting errors, keep trying it might be a network issue or because you apply with SSCE.

www.nasims.gov.ng Portal Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Below are the Frequently asked questions and answers about NASIMS Portal issues every applicant should be familiar with.

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FAQ1: I tried to reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email

a) Applicant should wait for a few hours and try again.

b) Please note that you are expected to send the reset password request just once and wait for the mail. If the applicant requests a reset link multiple times, the applicant should use the most recent link.

c) Applicant should ensure to check ‘spam folder’ if the link is not received after several hours.

FAQ2: Unable to validate BVN

a) Applicant should ensure correct Date of Birth as registered with BVN/Bank is imputed.

b) This could be network issues please try again.

FAQ3: Unable to update profile

a) This could be network issues, an applicant should try again after several hours.

FAQ4) Account blocked when trying to take the test

a) Applicants are allowed a maximum of 3 attempts to take the online test after which the test account will be locked.

b) After the initial 3 attempts, applicants are permitted one final attempt after 6 hours.

FAQ5: I cannot find my test score after taking the test

a) Applicants should ensure to click the final ‘submit’ button after providing answers to all questions to see the test score.

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If you still face some errors or challenges that are not addressed in this post then feel free to drop a comment with your questions and we will attend to them with the best of our knowledge.


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  1. Hello Sir hope ure having a good day.
    I cant find my test score.. is it something I should worry about or not..

  2. Olabosinde oluwakemi

    Goodday sir, I try to do the online test it was closed but sir had the information late. What shld I do?

  3. Ibanga prayer John

    Sir please have been having issues on opening my own they are telling me invalid account . account not found but that was the mail I used to open .

  4. Pls sir, how can I re-upload my passport photo during the profile update because I have tried it so many times but it’s not uploading and it hinder the submission of my update so that I can take the test

    • Dear Maryann, Make sure the passport photo is clear without any filters applied to it. It should work that way. If you need further assistance then please send me a message on whatsapp.

  5. Oshanipin Dorcas Fola

    Please I want to know if am shortlisted for the 2020/2021 n_power batch C . Kindly notify me when the final list is out.


    Please Sir mine here they are telling me that my account is not found i don’t understand

  7. Orabuche Mmaduabuchi

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  8. Pls my is account not found what is the problem

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  11. Am trying to write test and which password am I to use for my ID to assess test portal

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  13. Olorundare Remilekun Catherine

    Please sir. I have been trying to fix my nasims Id.but is telling me not found.please help me out sir.thanks

  14. Good day sir, made a silly mistake when obtaining my bank account ,instead of SEUN I wrote Oluwaseun. After I type my BVN IN N POWER Updating, my profile later change to Oluwaseun and my credentials is SEUN.
    Sir, am thinking of going to court to rectify it . Is it possible to re type my bvn again for change of name or I should leave it like that for now or I should go and open a new account.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  15. So sir, candidate with ssce should stay aside after higher qualification, they will start there test?

  16. Good morning sir/ma, pls I’ve been trying to login for up to a week plus now, but I’m always receiving account not found, even when I’m sure that that was the email address I use, what should I do? Thank you sir.

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  19. may Allah help us to benefit for this n power

  20. No what’s happened is i was trying for several time it shows me invalid account and then Gmail is not found that’s what they aer said

  21. Pls my account is not long in

  22. Mahanan ufoh Elisha

    Npower is a great idea to assist people to plan

  23. Jackson Udofia Jackson

    Good evening sir, please i can not upload my profile to take test. What should i do?

  24. Morning Sir! Please I try to submit after unpadting from password reset but piping up Gender field required. The gender field can’t be edited.please kindly help out.

  25. Eteng Mary effiom

    Please have scanned.all my credentials but the summission is showing somthing went wrong

  26. Good morning sir , my account has been blacked please help I do not sub

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    Sorry you made mention of SSCE, sir does it mean that people that apply with SSCE will not be shortlisted or is there anything else they will do to successfully update there profile.?

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