Download & Print NDLEA Confirmation Slip 2020/2021 | NDLEA Recruitment

Download & Print NDLEA Confirmation Slip PDF | NDLEA Recruitment 2020/2021 – This is notify all the candidates that have so far successfully registered for the ongoing NDLEA Nationwide Recruitment that they are to have their confirmation slip printed as it is required for the screening exercise. The portal is now active and accessible.

Check out the Screening List: NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates 2021 PDF | NDLEA Recruitment 2019/2020 List

Candidates who are done with their applications and made no mistake during the process are to make sure they print their confirmation slips by following the below procedure and guidelines.

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Now, lets go straight to the point to have your confirmation slip printed.

How to Download & Print NDLEA Confirmation Slip.

Step 1. Candidates are to visit

Step 2. Click on the “Click to print your confirmation slip” button and type in either your reference id, phone number or email to generate the slip.

Step 3. Click on “print” button at the bottom right side of the confirmation slip generated.

label (1): input field to put the reference id, phone number or email.

label (2): click the submit button after typing your details.

Note: The confirmation slip will be available online for all applicants till the end of the recruitment exercise, so hurry and print out your confirmation slip before the portal closes.

Check out the Screening Date: NDLEA Recruitment Screening Date, Venue & Requirements 2021

I am Unable to Print my NDLEA Confirmation Slip.

All candidates who are not able or are facing various issues while trying to download and print their NDLEA Confirmation Slip are not to worry as we are here to help.

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if you have experience any issue while trying to print your slip, kindly drop a comment below with your registered email and i will personally help have your confirmation slip sent to your email inbox so you can easily print it out.

Kindly Note That You are to come along with a copy of this form during the screening process and also a copy of your guarantor form.

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    Please help me with my confirmation slip,, i beg you in the name of Allah. [email protected] 07034360172

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Your confirmation slip is ready, Click here to download your slip,

  2. Abubakar says

    Good morning sir I did hear from you any information thank you sir

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      For now is not possible printing the slip…

  3. umar sulaiman imam says

    Good afternoon sir!
    I lost my Ndlea application slip and i need your assistance please.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      No room for slip printing at the moment…

  4. Abubakar abdulhamid says

    Good morning sir I lost my ndlea application form how should I get it. I need your assistant
    My Gmail [email protected]
    Thank you sir

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Let me see if I can help you

  5. Hassan Isyaku says

    Sir am unable to print my confirmation slip. Please sir help me out.
    Email: [email protected]

  6. Hassan Isyaku says

    Sir I am unable to print my confirmation slip. Please sir how am I going to do?
    Here is my email address
    [email protected]

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      For now, no provision on printing of the slips, so just be patient


    please sir i need help in printing the confirmation slip here is the mail i used in registration [email protected]

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Alright, I will let you know when I’m able to print it

  8. Okoh Chinazo Joy says

    Please I need to print my Ndlea application slip, my registered Email: [email protected]. Thank you, Phone number: 08165862254

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      You know your application number?

  9. Gabriel Ogbologwung Ubokiwan says

    Pls help me print my application slip. My number is 09035071101

  10. Abeng Aloysius says

    Greetings. Please sir, I need your help in printing my NDLEA applicant confirmation slip 🙏.registered Email. [email protected]
    No: 07063308228. Thank you.

  11. Abeng Aloysius says

    Greetings to you sir, please i need your help to enable me get my 2019 NDLEA applicant confirmation slip. This is the registered Email. [email protected]. No: 07063308228. Thanks God bless.

  12. Jibrin hussaini says

    I want print my confirmation slip please

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Hold on

  13. Olubunmi John says

    Thanks for willing to help sir, please I need your help in getting my confirmation slip in my Gmail account sir. The Gmail I used is [email protected]

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Okay, I will try

  14. Blessing says

    Please I need help in printing my confirmation slip as well as guarantor form. [email protected]. 07085093382. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Guarantor is currently available, you can download on this site and for the confirmation slip, I will try to print when the portal is opened

  15. Kyari Johnson says

    I am to go to jos on 16, n I dnt av my ndlea slip.. pls I need help

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Drop your email or application number if you have

  16. Oyama david says

    Pls I need your help in printing my confirmation slip pls this is my registered mail [email protected]

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Okay, I will try printing when the portal is opened

  17. Ofurum Deborah Chinwe says

    Good morning sir am unable to print my confirmation slip. Plz sir me out thanks. This is my phone number 07065267519.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Printing portal is not accessible at the moment


    Good day sir,am unable to print out my application slip and guarantors form.pls sir help me figure it phone num is 08114939762 not really sue about the email but sure about the num.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      You can not print those forms for now

  19. Bello Umar says

    Good day sir. I lost my NDLEA application slip due to fire outbreak! So I visit this side in order to download another one but, I was late the side was close therefore I cannot able to get it. Sir can you pls help me to get another one. Pls pls pls. Thanks. My phone no 07065301921

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      I will check on possible ways to get it for you…