Emplug Aptitude Test 2019/2020 | NDLEA Past Questions PDF | NDLEA Screening Date

Emplug Aptitude Test 2019/2020 | NDLEA Past Questions PDF | NDLEA Screening Date – The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) has began shortlisting candidates and inviting them for the Aptitude Test examination.

NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions

If you applied for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, (NDLEA) Recruitment for 2019/2020 then you should be preparing for an aptitude test exam as candidates are being contacted by emplug for their respective aptitude test exam schedule.

Emplug Aptitude Test Date / Schedule 2019.

All candidates who submitted their applications online successful and being sent SMS or Emails, inviting them to attend an aptitude test exam scheduled to commence from Monday, 16th December 2019.

Understand that not all candidates will write on the same date as stated above, some candidates will write on different dates.

The venue might also be different from your origin state but that is not a problem, if you can make it to the centre just do. (is not a scam)

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Download NDLEA Past Questions PDF.

The Aptitude Test will be a Computer Based Test, thereby i urge all candidates sitting for it to get prepared and perform well in the examination.

To archive this, you will need to Download The NDLEA Past Questions & Answers PDF 2019/2020 to get your self ready to score high in the exam and be selected in the next phase of the recruitment exercise.

What is Next after NDLEA Aptitude Test Exam.

The next stage after the NDLEA Aptitude Test Examination is the Screening and Interview for successful candidates from the aptitude test exam.

Only candidates who perform well in the exam will be shortlisted to participated in the next phase of the recruitment exercise which is interview and screening of candidate’s credentials.

If you have any additional questions you may want to ask, kindly leave a comment below and we will also attend it and see if we can answer your questions.

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  1. Otu, Maria Banku says

    Goodafternoon Sir, I’m a worried candidate who also wrote the aptitude test exams of the ndlea at Gombe, but I reside in Taraba State and up-till now I have’nt heard anything about the result or shortlisted candidate, are we still hoping?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Yes, the recruitment will soon resume.

  2. Ekoyouyei Henry says

    Good day sir, when is this results coming out?

    1. Maxwell says

      Date not revealed

  3. Ugomma Immaculata says

    Good evening sir, please I have written the CBT test of ndlea since then I have not heard anything about the result,, is the result not yet out?

    1. Maxwell says

      Results are not released yet

  4. jesse joash says

    Good day sir,i couldn’t write the aptitude test on Friday,pls is it too late?

    1. Maxwell says

      Where is your centre

  5. Joash kazy says

    Good day sir,i couldn’t write the aptitude test on Friday,pls is it too late?

    1. Maxwell says

      Where is your centre

  6. Solomon says

    I sat for the aptitude test on the 18th today I checked my mail I saw another invitation for interview slated for 19th ,sir am confused about the mail

    1. Maxwell says

      That was an error I guess

  7. Abubakar haruna says

    Hlo sir I have received the invitation I go they on that day I know do my on till now because of the population the population in Abuja is too much so what is the solution on Friday I do they and they’re no body they

    1. Maxwell says

      Abuja centre will have to write next year

  8. Muhammad Garba says

    Narcotic officer

  9. Muhammad Garba says

    Good morning sir, I am from Jigawa state and I haven’t receive the message for the aptitude test and I ask majority of my friends and they are telling me that there’s nobody from Jigawa state that received the message, Even when I checked the aptitude test centres, I see not yet in Jigawa column. so I need clarification sir. Thank you

    1. Maxwell says

      First of all, what position did you applied for?

      1. Muhammad Garba says

        Narcotic officer

        1. Maxwell says

          Be patient till Saturday

          1. Muhammad Garba says

            ok thank you so much Sir

  10. Doris says

    Good morning sir,
    I really need the past questions but I do not have money please help me.

  11. Ethel says

    Goodevening sir,
    I missed my aptitude test scheduled for today (16th December 2019). What will you suggest I do, is there still hope of taking the test?
    Thank you.

    1. Maxwell says

      Get to the centre to find out