Fadama Guys Registration 2017 Grant | Full List of Shortlisted Candidates

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The 2017 Fadama NFCO and Fadama III GUY Starts Grants Disbursement for applicants who applied for fadama 111 project. While the registration was on, Fadama guys registration had searches which comprises on fadama application, fadama guys nairaland, fadama guys application, fadama guys 2017, fadama guys portal and fadama guys login.

News has it that the Nigerian Federal Government (FG) gives N1m
grant to each “FADAMA GUYS” In Ondo state. News also had it that Fadama
III Additional Financing Completes Training of 121 GUYS as seen on
leasdership newspaper.

Fadama III Recruitment 2017/2018 Application website is www.fadamaaf.net

2017 Fadama NFCO | Fadama III GUY Starts Grants Disbursement | In
this article i will give complete guidlines on  just concluded FADAMA
III GUY program Supported by World Bank.

No doubt 2017 FADAMA NFCO III GUY  was concluded last week.

This was concluded Friday July 2017 in selected states of Nigeria.
This FADAMA III GUY program was basically for Unemployed Youths in the

How Can You Apply For FADAMA

As strategic stakeholders, area councils are expected to play
significant roles in the implementation of the scheme, some of this

  • Screening and Approval of Business plans (BPS): This must be
    prepared by the production groups (PGS) and production clusters (PCS).
  • Participants spent two weeks undergoing training in their various state and location.
  • Federal Government believes the grants will get to almost all participants so long their request form does not require more than 3 million Naira.

Grants disbursement will commence in Two Weeks Time

Some members who were not able to make it to the training ground
due to network problem wereasked to join in uploading their Business
plan through the portal


1. To successfully upload your business plan online you have to do the following;

2. Firstly Login to http://fadamaaf.net/AF/gudnx/mypage.php?linkname=trackapplication

3. Afterward enter your Application ID

4. Click the Login button

5. Scroll towards right corner and check below to see upload business plan.

6. Lastly Business plan edit after upload is still possible, but figures must remain the same.


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Coming up: Fadama III AF Graduate Unemployed Youth and Women Agro-preneur Support (Fadama-Guys) Programme – The National Fadama project

Finally, In this article, we have written How to Apply For Fadama 111 2017 Recruitment Online. We how it has helped you.

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