List Of All Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) In Nigeria

Are you looking for the list of Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS) in Nigeria? Do you want to know the states which are classified under the ELDS States? or do you want to check if a particular state you have in mind is part of the ELDS?

Which ever reason you have for searching for it, we have what you need as we are going to cover the full list of the ELDS States in Nigeria.

Why Do People Search For Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)

ELDS are states in Nigeria which are considered to be disadvantaged when it comes to gaining high quality Education. This states are always given preferential treatment during admission exercise.

The Federal government has designed the Admission quota of each University to favor the Educationally Less developed states.

This means that candidates from the ELDS have a better chance of gaining admission into the University after scaling through the University’s Minimum requirements (Mostly Cut off Marks).

Note: ELDS only applies to a federal government owned University and they occupy 20% out of the total carrying capacity of the Course or school in question.

The Following states are considered by the Federal Government of Nigeria as being among the Educationally less developed states. They Are:
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