List Of N-Power Pre-Selected Candidates & Physical Verification Process 2017/18

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We all know that the N-Power Online Assessment Test is still on going and will soon be over in couple of weeks or days now, which will be followed by pre-Selection of applicants for their physical verification. 

This article explains some things you need to do to be pre-selected, during physical verification and to be Employed into the scheme. Read carefully….

The pre-selection of N-Power applicants is already at your finger tip as the 2017 N-Power list of pre-selected candidates for the recruitment will be released soon.

Be reminded that the N-Power Online Assessment Test will come to an end on Thursday 31st of August, 2017, so we advise you to make sure you have written your test and not just writing the test, but writing it completely because by 11:59PM on Thursday 31st August, 2017, say a very big goodbye to the N-Power programme.

The pre-selection is the next stage of the N-Power application process/stage after the Device selection after this comes the PHYSICAL VERIFICATION is will be done to ascertain the qualified applicants as stated in the N-Power eligibility
All candidates writing or who have written their test MUST make sure that they select a device before submitting or logging out from their test portal.  

Comments from applicants that they did not select a device, my dear your selection into the scheme started from the day you made up your mind to register for the scheme. So please and please go and select a device or please select a device during your test period remember the deadline.

Up till now, many applicants have not been able to login into the test portal, it keeps showing BVN VALIDATION   ONGOING. 

This could be the records you submitted during registration and some other factors which we have discussed in our other articles. You are unable to write the test till the end of 31st August, am afraid that the end of N-Power for you this year.

The N-Power Pre-Selection or Pre-Selected candidates is just another procedures of the NPower and not that the candidates has/have been employed into the scheme, please once you see your name on the pre-selected list be happy but not too much as the bigger verification or procedure is upcoming where thousands of pre-selected candidates will be screening out which is the PHYSICAL VERIFICATION as mentioned earlier.

All 2017 Pre-Selected N-Power applicant MUST undergo a physical verification process FACE TO FACE. This is the stage that determines your fate in the N-Power programme any slight mistake will lead to your disqualification for the scheme so be careful if you want to be N-Power.

The verification includes face to face, sight-seeing of all you claim to be in their absent ie during registration, it is screening of Pre-Selected candidates by the N-Power Officials in conjunction with the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to physically go through your documents stated below;
  • Degree
  • NYSC discharge or exemption letter
  • First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)
  • Birth certificate
  • A valid ID Card
  • Passport photographs
  • The print out of the place where your name was Pre-Selected
All these verification will be done at the different Local Government Areas across the country.
Note: NYSC Discharge/Exemption Letter will not be required from applicants with OND and NCE

Undergraduate,  NYSC Discharge/Exemption Letter and N-Power Programme

You can remember quite well that during the registration, the eligibility stated only Unemployed Graduates and NYSC holder are to apply, which means applicants with their Degree and NYSC intact are to apply and also it stated Graduates only and not Undergraduates funny enough many undergraduates applied for it because they are in finals YES, but will your degree be presented to you before the physical verification date? or will your NYSC Certificate/Exemption letter be given to you before the physical verification date. If YES then you have nothing to fear or worry. 

But if NO, we hope let it not be a wasted effort to get to that stage.
But all the same if you are Pre-Selected for the verification make sure you attend who knows what might happen.

After all the said and done, the List of Pre-Selected candidate will be released from 1st of September, 2017, you can check on or or

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