N-Power 2017 Massive Nationwide Recruitment Deadline EXTENDED

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has designed the N-Power Program to radically diminish youth unemployment. N-Power is additionally connected to the Federal Government’s approaches in the financial, business and social improvement fields. The particular projects under N-Power will guarantee that every member will learn and hone the greater part of what is important to discover or make work. Some of these graduates will likewise help in actualising Nigeria’s monetary and vital yearnings of accomplishing sustenance security and independence. 

N-Power will likewise be a stage for differentiating the economy. N-Power is get ready youthful Nigerians for a learning economy where, furnished with world-class abilities and confirmation, they move toward becoming trend-setters and movers in the local and worldwide markets. 

Applications are thusly welcomed for the accompanying projects underneath:

1.) N-Power Voluntary Asset and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS)

2.) N-Power Agro

3.) N-Power Health

4.) N-Power Teach

Do you have any Skill abilities identified with computer programming, PC illustrations outline, PC created pictures, movement, server organization, database administration, organizing, and so forth? At that point, N-Power needs you.  

2 Years 
Members will experience an underlying acceptance preparing preceding organization  

Candidates must be between 18 – 35 years old amid enlistment and must have a legitimate verification of age (e.g. Birth Certificate, oath of age statement, legitimate personal ID, and so on.) 

Candidates must be occupant in Nigeria and must have a decent learning of their area in Nigeria. 

Candidates must gangs at either a Bachelor’s degree, OND, HND or NCE declaration with an announcement of result or transcript. 

Candidates more likely than not finished their administration year if relevant. 

Note: The present June – July 2017 Application handle just applies to the Graduate Category (N-Power Volunteer Corps). The determination procedure for 2016 candidates in all Non – Graduate Categories (N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build) is in progress and the preparation and engagement of fruitful candidates will be done in bunches. As of now the continuous application is not open to the Non – Graduate classes.

Application Closing Date
31st August, 2017.

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