– Login to NPower Batch C Stream 2 Deployment/PPA Portal 2022

Login to NASIMS Deployment and PPA Letter Portal 2022 for Batch C2 – Login to NPower Batch C Stream 2 Recruitment Physical verification and Deployment Portal 2022: The Nigerian Government has launched the N-Power Batch C’s National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) Portal for Recruitment Biometric Capturing for all candidates that applied in 2020.

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The N-Power programme provides young Nigerians with job opportunities. It provided opportunities to over 500,000 Nigerians. In view of this, President Buhari approved the extension of the programme to 1million new beneficiaries; 500k per stream.

For N-Power applicants, please make sure your physical verification status is indicating PASS on the NASIMS portal.

How to Login to NPower Portal

Follow the below procedures carefully in order to login and complete the N-Power Batch C Stream 2, 2022 Recruitment Biometrics and physical verification Verification to be able to print deployment and PPA Letter as the physical verification for graduates is closing soon.

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Kindly note that you must be a registered candidates of the 2020 Batch C Recruitment and also participated in the online NASIMS test and also has a valid email address in order to be able to participate in the stream 2 fingerprint and physical verification to move to the next stage which is deployment and posting to primary place of assessment.

If it is your first time visiting the NASIMS Portal, you have to first recover your password using the underlisted procedures:

  1. Click on login
  2. Use the “Forgot Password” Option
  3. Enter your N-POWER application email
  4. Click on “Send Link”
  5. Check your mail and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  6. After successful reset of password, please login to update your records.

How to Capture NPower Batch C Stream 2 Biometrics

To begin the NPower Batch C stream 2 fingerprint, thumbprint or biometrics verification online, make sure you prepare yourself with NPower Previous Online Test Questions and Answers.

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After logging in to the NASIMS Portal, the online biometrics capture via the NASIMS verification portal will be made available to you to begin fingerprint capture and verification with your NASIM ID and Password.

NASIMS Biometrics Verification Portal 2022.

The biometrics verification will be carried out online via the NASIMS Portal, make sure you update and submit your records correctly as registered on the N-Power Batch C Recruitment Portal in 2020 in order to get your NASIMS ID to log in and begin the verification.

See NPower Physical Verification Date 2022 | See Requirements – nasims gov ng

Login to NPower NASIMS Deployment Portal

To log in to the N‑Power NASIMS Physical Verification and Deployment Portal, and carry out your biometrics verification process, do the following;

  1. Click on
    1. Login to your dashboard and click the “verification” tab
    2. Click the “capture your fingerprint” button to download and install the enrollment application
    3. After installation, provide the required credentials and click “Proceed”.
    4. Make sure the fingerprint biometric device is connected, then click on “Begin Enrollment” to launch the enrollment process.
    5. Click on the finger to begin the enrollment process
    6. Applicants are to enroll their Right thumb, Right index, Left thumb and Left index fingers only for successful enrollment
    7. After successful enrollment, click on “Submit” to save the biometric enrollment

How to Check NPower Deployment Status 2022

If you have done your NPower Physical Verification and you return to the portal, and you see “Pass” score after your verification venue, that means you are cleared and ready to be deployed and posted to your Primary Place of Assignment, PPA.

To check your deployment and download your Npower NASIMS PPA Letter for batch c stream 2, kindly follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the NASIMS Portal
  2. Navigate to “Deployment”
  3. If deployed, proceed to download PPA Letter
  4. Take your PPA Letter to where you are posted and have it approved and signed
  5. Come back to nasims portal and upload it and wait for approval of your signed PPA Letter.

FOR COMPLAINTS, CALL THE SUPPORT CENTER LINES: 092203102, 018888148, 018888340, 018888189.

If you have any question or difficulties with the NASIMS Physical Verification and Deployment portal or fingerprint software on the N-Power NASIMS Portal, then drop your questions and complaints below, and we will answer them all.
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  1. Avatar of Momoh Iliasu
    Momoh Iliasu says

    Some persons were already deployed and some are yet to be posted.

  2. Avatar of Kasimu suleiman wuji
    Kasimu suleiman wuji says

    Good morning all my problem about the n build shortlisted candidates is not yet update

  3. Avatar of Ngutor
    Ngutor says

    Good evening sir, the deployment column has disappeared from my dashboard. What do I do?

    1. Avatar of Okovido Mary
      Okovido Mary says

      Good afternoon, please I couldn’t download my ppa letter and now the status has been removed from the dashboard and am worried. What should I do?

  4. Avatar of Bamikole Oluwasegun Peter
    Bamikole Oluwasegun Peter says

    Good morning sir/madam. The Deployment column is no longer displaying on my dashboard. And it is a recent development. I don’t know what might be the cause. Please help me look into it.

  5. Avatar of Bamikole Oluwasegun Peter
    Bamikole Oluwasegun Peter says

    Good morning sir/madam. The Deployment column is no longer displaying on my dashboard. And it is a recent development. I don’t know what might be the cause

    1. - Latest Nigerian Job Vacancies and Recruitment Portal
      Admin says

      Nothing to worry, something better is coming. It will be updated soon.

      1. Avatar of Aliu Bolakale Soliu
        Aliu Bolakale Soliu says

        What is happening with deployment???

  6. Avatar of Michael agyas Peter
    Michael agyas Peter says

    Why others States has been deployed while others States are not, exepescialy N-Teach Nasarawa state have not yet deployed. What was the course of not yet deployed? Is confusing

  7. Avatar of Osinowo Monsurat
    Osinowo Monsurat says

    I have not been deployed yet

  8. Avatar of Ibrahim abdullahi
    Ibrahim abdullahi says

    Pls I have not been varificated what can I do

  9. Avatar of Mohammed alhaji
    Mohammed alhaji says

    Please why almost of Nbuild applicants for stram2 are not benefisary yet

  10. Avatar of Okafor Eucharia Ebere
    Okafor Eucharia Ebere says

    Sir my name was shortlisted, for batch C2 but no place of physical verification yet what do I do?,

  11. Avatar of Lawan Bata
    Lawan Bata says

    Pls my bank refuse to verify. What can I do?

  12. Avatar of Lawan Bata
    Lawan Bata says

    Play my bank refuse to verify. What can I do?

    1. Avatar of aminu Adamu Isah
      aminu Adamu Isah says

      Pls when would you deployed batch C2 ?.

  13. Avatar of umar saidu
    umar saidu says

    I thank to almighty Allah to give me the Npower batch C tream 2, Alhamdulillah, nd then I want to this media to send my appreciation to the Mrs president muhammed Buhari to Approval nd sign . Thank Mrs president we really appreciate may God do for you better them what you are doing to Us.

  14. Avatar of Blessing Jacob
    Blessing Jacob says

    Pls sir, while trying to print out my ppa letter, it comes out blank, what could be the problem

  15. Avatar of Isiguzo Priscilla
    Isiguzo Priscilla says

    Sir, my dashboard doesn’t open again.
    And npower does not recognize my email anymore. What’s going on sir. Please,

  16. Avatar of Doma lga
    Doma lga says

    Nasarawa state npower batch c2 are yet to see they deployment letter PPA

    1. - Latest Nigerian Job Vacancies and Recruitment Portal
      Admin says

      Be patient

      1. Avatar of Catherine chukwu
        Catherine chukwu says

        Hello sir, please I have not receive June July August and September payment

  17. Avatar of Ogah, Sylvia
    Ogah, Sylvia says

    Please when is the batch c stream 2 deployment going to be out?

    1. Avatar of Monica Ogbu
      Monica Ogbu says

      Sir the Ebonyi state batch C2 deployment and PPA is yet to come out. What do we do? Thanks.

      1. Avatar of Hauwa Dahiru
        Hauwa Dahiru says


      2. Avatar of Sunday yakubu
        Sunday yakubu says

        Hello sir I tried resetting but nothing was send to my mail pls help
        Npower number NPWR/2020/005688500