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NDLEA Past Questions and Answers PDF 2019/2020 Screening Test Exam Answers Download in PDF Up-To-Date Copy – If you see your name on the 2019 NDLEA Recruitment Final Screening List, that means you have been shortlisted for the next phase of the recruitment exercise.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has started shortlisting candidates for its next phase of the recruitment exercise for Nacortic Office Cardre and Nacortic Assistant (NASS) Cardre which is the Final Screening Exercise.

Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency Past questions has been drafted from her past years aptitude test examination. The Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency recruitment past questions will go along way to help you succeed in her screening interview. Below is a comprehensive sample of Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency aptitude test past questions and answers. The e-book you will download here is Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency screening past questions and answers.

The need for these past questions can not be over emphasized as it will go along way to help you scale through NDLEA aptitude test and screening examination.  If you must succeed in her screening interview then you need the latest up to date copy of NDLEA screening past questions and answers, for selection interview. This page contains NDLEA past questions up to date version PDF, for 2019 screening examination and aptitude test exercise at Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Continue reading to find out more about the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency Past Questions and Answers for screening exercise/ aptitude test. You will also get free samples of the NDLEA past questions and answers on this page, and also discover how to download your personal copy of these past questions for NDLEA exams on you android phones, tablet, email and whatsapp.

The NDLEA recruitment past questions and answers PDF study pack on this page contains up to date questions from the previous years screening interview and aptititude test exams. It also includes past questions from the last NDLEA recruitment so you can’t afford to miss this complete past questions of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Download your copy now within 5 minutes, see details below on how to download PDF on your phone (Whatsapp or Email).

NDLEA Past Question… NDLEA Past Question PDF… NDLEA Past Question and Answer… Free NDLEA Past Questions Download 2019 PDF Copy Below.

NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers Updated Copy 

The NDLEA past questions and answers updated version PDF copy comes with over 500 questions and answers drafted from the past years selection/screening interview and aptitude test of the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency. Best of it all is that you can conviniently carry this document with you anywhere you go, and also study it any time you want. With this, you can be rest assured to pass the NDLEA aptitude test and selection interview.

NDLEA Past Question PDF

The NDLEA past question PDF you are about to download for NDLEA recruitment 2019 Aptitude Test examination and selection interview has been compiled from previous years screening/interview sessions from 2010 till date. This NDLEA screening past questions and answers is very comprehensive and also comes with correct answers for each questions. We have painstakingly compiled the NDLEA interview past question paper to help you succeed in the forth coming NDLEA selection interview process.

The most recently updated current affairs questions has also been included with supplied answers, as well as questions and answers from General Mathematics, English Language and General Knowledge.

You stand a chance to study all questions that most times has repeated again over the years. See details below on how to download this e-book.


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1.⇒ One of this is not a method through which Drug Abuse Preventive Information are passed across by NDLEA

(a )Lecture or talks such as seminars, workshops, public rallies.

(b) Use of Church and Mosque Campaigns. (ANSWER)

(c) Use of the print media such as Newspapers, Magazines, poster etc

(d) The use of electronic media such as jingles, drama, documentaries.


2.⇒ The NDLEA was established by the Decree Number 48 which was passed into law in what year?

(a ) 1988

(b ) 1989 (ANSWER)

(c) 1979

(d) 1978

3.⇒ The full meaning of the abbreviation NDLEA is ………..?

(a ) National Drug Law Enforcement Agency. (ANSWER)

(b ) Nigeria Drugs Law Enforcement Agency.

(c) National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency.

(d) Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

4.⇒ The NDLEA is a …………… agency found in Nigeria?

(a ) An International Faith Based Agency.

(b ) A Federal Government Agency. (ANSWER)

(c) A National Agency.

(d) An International Drug Agency.

5.⇒ Which Nigeria President Signed the Bill for the creation of NDLEA into Law?

(a ) President Goodluck Jonathan.

(b ) General Muhammadu Buhari

(c) President Olusegun Obasanjo.

(d) General Ibrahim Babaginda. (ANSWER)

6.⇒ Who was the first Chairman of the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency?

(a ) Muhammed Mustapha Abdallah.

(b ) Bello Lafiagi. (ANSWER)

(c) Ahmadu Giade.

(d) Abba Kyari.

7.⇒ Who is the current Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency Chairman?

(a ) Muhammed Mustapha Abdallah. (ANSWER)

(b ) Bello Lafiagi.

(c) Ahmadu Giade.

(d) Abba Kyari.

8.⇒ The Core function of the NDLEA is———?

(a ) The Prosecution of Drug Dealers and Smokers of Cannabis.

(b ) The control of the borders to prevent the entering and exit of drugs and drug dealers.

(c) The elimination of the growing, processing, manufacturing, selling, exporting, and trafficking of hard drugs. (ANSWER)

(d) The Conduct of Awareness campaigns against drugs and reporting of drug barons.

9.⇒ The most basic member of the family of hard drugs whose elimination is one of the founding objectives of the NDLEA is?

(a ) Marijuana.

(b ) Cigarettes.

(c) Tramadol.

(d) Cannabis. (ANSWER)

10.⇒ The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is affiliated to which of these organizations?

(a ) United Nations Drug Cultivation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). (ANSWER)

(b ) The American Society of Drugs Elimination and Control (ASDEC).

(c) The African Union Colony on Drugs and Crime (AUCDC).

(d) The Worlds Anti Drug and Crime Campaign (WADCC).

11.⇒ The NDLEA as an entity has how many functional units?

(a ) 4.

(b ) 6. (ANSWER)

(c) 5.

(d) 3.

12.⇒ One of these is not one of the six functional divisions of NDLEA?

(a ) Drug Demand Reduction.

(b ) Training, Research and Development.

(c) Enforcement. (ANSWER)

(d) Investigation.

13.⇒ The Headquarters of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is located at?

(a ) Zaria, Kaduna.

(b ) Ikoyi, Lagos. (ANSWER)

(c) Gwagwalada, Abuja.

(d) Orji, Enugu.

14.⇒ The most widely cultivated drug in Nigeria is?

(a ) Marijuana.

(b ) Coartem.

(c) Cannabis. (ANSWER)

(d) Cocaine.

15.⇒ Which of these is component found in most drugs that makes it addictive?

(a ) Morphine.

(b ) Dopamine. (ANSWER)

(c) Ibuprofen.

(d) Astermicine.

16.⇒ The following are strategic locations where members of the NDLEA are to be strategically located to counter drug trafficking except?

(a ) Seaports.

(b ) International Airports.

(c) Big Churches and Mosques. (ANSWER)

(d) Border Crossing Areas.

17.⇒ The following are Ways by which NDLEA carries out the task of treatment and rehabilitation include of drug victims except?

(a ) Counselling.

(b ) Retribution Therapy. (ANSWER)

(c) Combination therapy.

(d) Evaluation, Assessment/diagnosis.

18.⇒ The NDLEA according to the Decree 48 of 1989 has the power to do which of the following?

(a ) Monitor the private accounts of people suspected to have committed an offence under this Decree.

(b ) Arrest and detain suspected drug offenders for as long as they will be charged to court.

(c) Prosecute a drug trafficker that has committed an offence under this Decree.

(d) Cause investigation to be conducted as to whether any person has committed an offence under this Decree. (ANSWER)

19.⇒ Which of these days is set side and celebrated as International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking?

(a ) June 12th of every year.

(b ) June 26th of every year. (ANSWER)

(c) June 31st of every year.

(d) June 1st of every year.

20.⇒ Which of the following is a brain child of the NDLEA that is made to tackle the menace of drugs especially among student?

(a ) Drug Free Club. (ANSWER)

(b ) Drug Free Class Rooms.

(c) Drug Free Sports.

(d) Drug Free Schools.

21.⇒ What are the most commonly abused drugs in the world?

(a ) Depressant. (ANSWER)

(b ) Analgesics.

(c) Surfactants.

(d) Antibiotics.

22.⇒ Which of these zones in Nigeria is said to have the highest production of hard drugs by NDLEA?

(a ) South South.

(b ) North East.

(c) North West.

(d) South West. (ANSWER)

23.⇒ The active component in marijuana that makes it a hard drug is ?

(a ) Tetraethyl amine.

(b ) Tetrahydrocannabinol. (ANSWER)

(c) bihydrophenicol.

(d) Diamine Ethene.

24.⇒ Which of these is not a unit under the Drug Demand Reduction Directorate of NDLEA?

(a ) Drug Abuse Preventive Education.

(b ) Research and NGO Liaison.

(c) Investigation and Linking. (ANSWER)

(d) Treatment and Rehabilitation.

25.⇒ What is the substance from which heroin is synthesized from?

(a ) Methane.

(b ) Ceramic.

(c) Mesoprane.

(d) Opium. (ANSWER)

26.⇒ One of these is not one of the Goals of Drug Demand Reduction Directorate of NDLEA?

(a ) To de-emphasize the criminality of drug abuse.

(b ) To reduce the availability and overall demand for illicit drugs.

(c) The promotion of the welfare of convicts. (ANSWER)

(d) To teach personal skills needed to avoid drug abuse.

27.⇒ Which category of drugs does Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)

(a ) Hallucinogen. (ANSWER)

(b ) Laxative.

(c) Analgesics.

(d) Supplements.

28.⇒ One of these is not among the four major Treatment /rehabilitation methods in use in Nigeria?

(a ) Non-Governmental Based Treatment/Rehabilitation.

(b ) Cultural/Tribal Based Treatment/Rehabilitation. (ANSWER)

(c) Hospital based Treatment/Rehabilitation.

(d) Religious/Faith Based Treatment/Rehabilitation.

29.⇒ Which among the following opiates is generally said or considered to be the most potent and strongest?

(a ) Paregoric.

(b ) Codeine.

(c) Tobacco.

(d) Morphine. (ANSWER)

30.⇒ One of these is not an objective of the Drug Free Club?

(a ) Identifying and reporting students involved in drugs to school authorities not just for panel action but to be helped.

(b ) Promotion of activities that like sports and quiz that lead to drug involvement. (ANSWER)

(c) Increasing the understanding of students about the effects and dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

(d) Promotion of alternative activities to drug involvement.

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