New N-Power Assessment Test Schedule Date For 2017

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1. ONLY applicants whose BVN records match their applications will proceed to the Assessment Test Stage. The arrangement of the names doesn’t disqualify you.

2. There is a NEW Assessment Test Schedule. You won’t receive an SMS till the stipulated date for your category.

3. STOP trying to log in if it isn’t the period for your assessment. You may be disqualified.

4. Applicants whose records DON’T match will also receive an SMS that their application journey has come to an end.

The N-power aptitude test shall be computer based test written online for shortlisted candidates. 

Only applicants whose BVN records match their applications will write the assessment test. 

The tests will be written at So once you get your text, proceed to the n-power website and click on the ‘Test Menu’. Login with your Phone Number and BVN to start the test.

The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule

Date               Programme

  • July 15th N—Power Tax

  • July 16th N-Power Tax

  • July 17th N-Power Tax

  • July 18th N-Power Tax

  • July 19th N-Power Tax

  • July 20th N—Power Health
  • July 21st N-Power Health
  • July 22nd N-Power Health
  • July 23rd N-Power Health
  • July 24th N—Power Health
  • July 25th N—Power Agro
  • July 26th N-Power Agro
  • July 27th N-Power Agro
  • July 28th N-Power Agro
  • July 29th N-Power Agro
  • July 30th N-Power Agro
  • July alst N-Power Agro
  • August 1st N-Power Agro
  • August 2nd N—Power Teach
  • August 3rd N-Power Teach
  • August 4th N-Power Teach
  • August 5th N-Power Teach
  • August 6th N-Power Teach
  • August 7th N-Power Teach
  • August 8th N-Power Teach
  • August 9th N-Power Teach
  • August 10m N-Power Teach
  • August 11th N-Power Teach
  • August 12th N-Power Teach
  • August 13th N-Power Teach
  • August 14th N-Power Teach
  • August 15th N-Power Teach
  • August 16th N-Power Teach

  • August 17th — 31st July 15th -27 applications

The Npower Application portal will now close on Thursday, July 27th, 2017. The application portal is still open. Only candidates who received text massages will be able to write the exam.

Below is a sample of the SMS sent to candidates for the npower test:

For those yet to apply for the N-Power Programme, click on the link below to apply: Federal Government N-Power Massive Nationwide Recruitment 2017.

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