NPower Acceptance Letter Upload 2021 for Batch C |

NPower Acceptance Letter Upload Portal 2021 for Batch C | – The NPower Management now requires each of the candidates shortlisted on the Batch C Stream 1 or 2, who are deployed to their various places of PPA, to immediately upload their acceptance letters on their dashboard.

Deployment letters are to be filled and signed by Authorized Personnel in relevant Places of Primary Assignment (PPA) as either ACCEPTED or REJECTED.

    1. If ACCEPTED, beneficiaries are to update their status and upload the acceptance letter on the NASIMS Self Service portal.
    2. If REJECTED, beneficiaries are to apply for redeployment and upload the rejection letter on the NASIMS Self Service portal on

Beneficiaries who wish to redeploy within their states of residence may do so via the self-service portal on

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If you are shortlisted on the NPower Batch C Stream 1, and you have been deployed to your Primary Place of Assignment, (PPA) then you are to upload your acceptance letter back on the NASIMS Deployment Dashboard or else you won’t be able to receive your stipends.

NPower Acceptance Letter 2021.

Uploading your NPower Batch C Acceptance Letters to your NASIMS Deployment or PPA Dashboard is not hard, and this can be done at home on your Smartphone or Computer.

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Following the Onboarding of N-power Batch C Stream 1 Beneficiaries, all shortlisted applicants are to print out their deployment letter (PPA letter), resume or report to their PPA within the 3 days of their posting.

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The NPower Acceptance Letter is your deployment letter which the NPower sent to your dashboard, and they want you to download and print it then take it to your PPA supervisor for signing and acceptance and upload it back to NASIMS Deployment Portal.

You are to take the downloaded and printed PPA/deployment letter to your assigned supervisor at your place of primary assignment not exceeding three days from the date of deployment.

Your assigned supervisor at your PPA will screen your documents (Credentials) and tick the accepted or rejected box, if you are accepted, scan the Deployment letter Which is now Your NPower Acceptance Letter with your phone or a Scanner clearly or visit any cybercafé or business center to scan it for you then upload it back to the NASIMS Deployment Acceptance Portal by following the procedures below.

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How to Upload NPower Acceptance Letter on 2021

Now, after having your Deployment Letter or PPA Letter signed and ticked accepted by your supervisor, it is time to upload it back to the NASIMS Portal.

Follow these simple steps to achieve that;

  • Make sure the signed letter is clearly scanned
  • Login back to your NASIMS Portal via
  • Scroll down to the page and upload the signed letter.

That’s all.

NPower Acceptance Letter Upload Deadline.

The end date for the uploading of NPower Acceptance Letter on the NASIMS portal is not exactly specified, but make sure you do that as soon as the PPA/Deployment Letter has been duly filled and signed by your supervisor.

If you have other questions on the NPower Deployment and PPA Letter Printing, kindly leave a comment below, and we will be glad to help address them for you.

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  1. Agianpuye Gideon ashibekong says

    I haven’t been paid for the month of November and my payroll is showing transaction failed and it doesn’t exist.

    1. Admin says

      The error will be rectified soon

  2. Onyekachi George says

    Please sir my own is that, I have been deployed but there I can’t find anything related to the acceptance letter apart from a green written words saying you have not uploaded your acceptance letter yet. Remember am under N-Tech, deployed to Enugu from IMO.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      If you didn’t see a Deployment Letter Download button then contact support for resulotion

  3. A. Lynus says

    I printed my deployment letter and it was signed and accepted. I went back and uploaded it under upload acceptance letter and it successful but I’m still seeing re -upload acceptance letter.

    I’m confused….

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Kindly re-upload again and see if that solves the issue

  4. Chidubem says

    Please Sir, are we going to be going for physical verification monthly just like nysc payrolling where we need to her signed document from our school monthly B4 we get verified to recieve payment. Or just this one we already done and submitted is all we need for the whole period of this scheme?

    1. Admin says

      No monthly verification, unless there is a special need to do that.

  5. Ifeanyi Micheal says

    Good morning sir. I was finally to upload my re deployment letter. But my status is showing pending for the past three weeks now. Wot could be wrong?

    1. Admin says

      Get in touch with the support lines or email for help on this issue.

  6. David Danjuma Reng says

    For the bad network I have not be able to upload my deployment letter and the portal is close please what should I do

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Get in touch with the support team

  7. CHINENYE says

    Please sir I cannot upload my acceptance letter, been trying since morning.

  8. Lukman Oyerinde says

    For now no place to upload it acceptance letter why

    1. Admin says

      You can see it under deployment tab

      1. Stephanie says

        This is the same problem am facing, the column for uploading the PPA acceptance letter is not showing

        1. Samuel Maxwell says

          Call or email support for help

  9. Sam Zoe says

    Wait a minute.
    It seems I am not getting this.
    I was rejected from my school because the distance was not favoring.
    Now what do I do with the rejection letter?
    How do I then get the acceptance letter? Is it from the school or npower?
    Because some people say I would need to upload the rejected letter together with the acceptance letter. Where do I get the new acceptance letter?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      On your deployment Tab, click on redeployment and upload the rejection letter and select your new place of PPA that you want to be redeployed to.

      Afternoon you have been assigned a new PPA, print the new letter and have signed and accepted, then come back and upload both to the portal.

  10. Obi Chioma Jovita says

    After my physical verification, they not verify me by writing ‘pass’ as in the case of others. Please what will I do?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Be more patient, it will be verified shortly

    2. CHINENYE says

      I cannot upload my acceptance letter, the option is no longer available

      1. Samuel Maxwell says

        Contact support

      2. Nenye says

        Pls sir the site for uploading acceptance letter is not showing, I really need help thamks

        1. Admin says

          Contact support via call or email

  11. Fatima muhammad says

    Hello! Pls i’m unable to summit
    both my rejected and acceptance letter for the past 3 days up to now is not going through pls what can I do?

    1. Admin says

      Try and contact support for help on this issue

  12. Fatima muhammad says

    Hello! Pls I have been trying to upload both my rejected and acceptance letter for the past 3 days up to now is not going through pls what can I do?

    1. Admin says

      Try and contact support for help on this issue

  13. Joyce says

    Morning, please I have been trying to upload my acceptance letter but it’s not going through,does that mean I won’t be paid if I should report and start work at my PPA??

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Keep trying, if the issue persist kindly get in touch with the support team for help

    2. Chimgozirim says

      Good evening. Pls I have uploaded my acceptance letter but its telling me that I haven’t uploaded it . n I have tried thrice

      1. Samuel Maxwell says

        Is network issues from the portal, kindly contact support for assistance

  14. Khadija says

    Is there a dead line for downloading ppa letter? It keeps showing me poor internet coonection pls what can i do

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      No deadline for now

      1. Fatima muhammad says

        Hello! Pls i’m unable to summit
        both my rejected and acceptance letter for the past 3 days up to now is not going through pls what can I do?

        1. Admin says

          Contact support for help on this issue

  15. Peace says

    After uploading my acceptance letter it still shows acceptance letter not yet uploaded

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Try again and see

  16. Fuseh Mohammed says

    Please I want to upload my acceptance letter it keeps showing me transaction failed. I don’t know what to do next help me out please.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Wait and try again much later