NPower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates 2022 for NASIMS Biometrics

NPower Nasims Stream 2 List of Successful Candidates 2022 PDF

NPower Batch C Stream B or Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates for Biometrics 2021 | NASIMS: The N-Power Managements has confirmed that there will be a Batch C Stream B or Stream 2  list of Shortlisted Candidates has been released for biometrics and thumb printing or fingerprint.

You can recall that names of successfully shortlisted candidates on the stream 1 were out for fingerprint and biometrics verification and has ended on the 6th of June 2021.

NOTE: All shortlisted applicants are requested to immediately enroll their biometric data to qualify for the final selection stage of the N-POWER Batch C (Stream 2) programme.

See: NPower NASIMS Biometric/Fingerprint Capture Portal 2021/2022 | Nasims gov ng

Candidates shortlisted on the N-Power Batch C Stream B or Stream 2 are advised to do their biometrics verification before the deadline of 20th March 2022. If you were not shortlisted earlier, never give up yet as more applicants are to be shortlisted on the stream 2 of candidates to carry out their Fingerprints and Thumbprints for verification and authentication.

NPower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates 2022

Are you one of the Npower batch c applicant? If yes, we got good news for you. It’s perfectly clear that many  npower batch c applicants are yet to make the list of shortlisted candidates. However, they still stand the chance of making it into the second stream of the program selection, as the NPower have started releasing names of candidates for Batch C Stream 2 in February 2022.

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LOGIN: | 2022 NPower Batch C Recruitment Biometrics Portal Login

If The population of applicant’s of an area is over the specific number of 1000 in local government A. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

But if local Government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than 1000 Applicants.

If even an applicant of N-power scored 0% or 35%, he or she can still be selected to balance the needed number that is required to meet in the program

When will Npower batch C stream 2 selection commence? 

According to the latest news we have received, the second stream of selection for N-Power batch C has begun on the Tuesday, 22nd of February 2022.

What is the required Cutoff mark for Npower batch C stream 2 selection?

That applications will still be considered from 45% to 65% in the second stream of Batch C selection. Applicants can check their emails or the N-Power Nasims Portal from 22 February 2022 since the selection will last till 21 March 2022.

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SEENPower Shortlisted Candidates 2022 | N-Power NASIMS List

Physical Verification for Npower batch C stream 2 selection start?

The  physical verification for Batch C stream 2 will commence on a date to be communicated soon.

Do you have complaints or challenges with the NPower NASIMS Portal? Comment below with your questions and issues, and we will attend to them and clarify any confusion you might have.

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  1. Ogbanje Joyce Amina says

    My name is Ogbanje Joyce Amina I have been trying to reset my password but all to no avail please help me out because I have not gotten any message on on the physical verification yet.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      The password reset has issues, for the physical verification, it has not started.

  2. Alade Femi says

    I have make alot of complain about my dashboard I can’t log in because I forget my password I have try it several times you always saying a link has been sent to my email but I can’t find any link please help me

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Contact the support team

  3. Olatoyinbo Roseline mercy says

    Pls help me when will deployment commence,am n_agro

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Alright, i will.

  4. Anosike Angela Ulunma says

    Pls I want to know if my name is shortlisted

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Check your dashboard to find out


    When deployment of batch c stream 2 will commence?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Soon. Date will be communicated

  6. Bamai Alhaji Baru says

    I need an assistant during the npower application, i made a mistake on my name i wrote BAKU instead of BARU

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Edit your profile to update the correct name

  7. Lawrence says

    We have done biometric and finger print, immediately list is out, in February , the next day the close.what is the next tine to do.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      You will wait for physical verification to commence

  8. Sale Babangida says

    I want to check my responsibility in n-power scheme isit e.g n-teach,n-agro

  9. ROYALTiMEDIA says

    Those living around Satellite Town or Festac area can do their Npower thumbprinting at ROYALTiMEDIA COMPUTER INSTITUTE Plot 11 Elumeke Street Ijegun Imore New site Satellite Town Lagos. Or call us on 07036541855 for direction pls search for ROYALTiMEDIA on Google

  10. Kareem Bashirat says

    Does it mean they stopped shortlisting of noower batch C stream 2 because I didn’t see anyone say I am shortlisted again…are they still shortlisring/?

  11. Okafor Precious Chibuanuri says

    Please how can I know about the date of physical verification exercise. Thanks

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      When is finally announced, I will notify you

  12. Abiodun jumoke adeola says

    I scored 65 % I have not be selected.pls what is the solution to this problem,this is my third time of collecting npower form,pls help a soul.

    1. Abiodun jumoke adeola says

      Sir I put in for nagro am qantity surveying student,the reason I selected nagro is because I have selected nteach twice they don’t select me that is why sir I need a quick reply on this.i need this program sir.

  13. Hafsat Umar says

    I can’t log in to the npower preselected list not to talk of seeing if am shortlisted and do mybiomatric

    1. Admin says

      Is there any error you face when trying to login?

    2. Zainab Yahaya says

      Unfortunately, this is not the right place to lay your complaints.

  14. Adewoye yemisi says

    Please notify me on any current post on npower batchC stream 2

  15. ROYALTiMEDIA says

    Those living around Satellite Town or Festac area can do their thumb printing at ROYALTiMEDIA COMPUTER INSTITUTE plot 11 Elumeke Street Ijegun Imore New site Satellite Town Lagos

  16. Adenike Adekunbi says

    Please sir,on my dashboard it is showing no BVN data and have done my biometric

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      It will be resolved soon

  17. Adenike Adekunbi says

    I score 65 and I have done my online verification but don’t know if I have shortlisted yet

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Check your nasims dashboard

  18. Ezeonyi ijeoma lilian says

    Please,I scored 45 but yet am not be shortlisted in npower scream 2.pls, this is my only hope for me out.

  19. Ademola Adefunke says

    Pls have not seen my name,and I scored 65 in my test

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Don’t give up yet, since the portal said you should check back shortly.

  20. Babatunde Moses Sunday says

    My name

  21. Naima isyaka says


  22. Dan says

    Sir,I successfully validated my bvn but in my dashboard it’s showing no Bvn data, hope there’s no problem? because I was done with my biometric capturing already

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Give it time, it will be fixed

  23. Kareem Bashirat Temitope says

    Good day sir! I was one of the batch C npower applicant who, during registration uploaded the certificates and validated bvn successfully without being affected by network issue. But to my surprise, on my dash board my HND certificate was missing and bvn column read no bvn data…what is the cause ? Thanks and God bless!

  24. Oginni margaret says

    I have checked through my dashboard sir, the message is that I have not yet been shortlisted.

  25. Egwu Florence Mgbo says

    I’ve done the BVN validation but I keep getting BVN already been used and I’m not a beneficiary yet😫
    What do I do please?🤷

  26. Kareem Bashirat Temitope says

    Good evening sir. I am Kareem Bashirat Temitope, I scored 45% npower health, I studied statistics! Hope I have chance in this ongoing npower batchC stream 2 bcs not shortlisted in stream 1. Could it be bcs of Statistic- npower health issue that delay my shortlisting? I am thinking may be it is unrelated!

    1. Admin says

      That could be the reason, or may not, you would have gone for N-Teach. But all the same, be patient and keep checking back.

  27. Oginni margaret says

    Pls sir and ma, I score 80 am yet to receive message.pls do well to consider me to enjoy this benefit.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Don’t wait for a message, login to your portal and check.

      1. Oginni margaret says

        I have checked through my dashboard sir, the message is that I have not yet been shortlisted.

        1. Admin says

          Be patient, perhaps the Npower Management claimed the official shortlisting of stream 2 have not started.

          1. ROYALTiMEDIA says

            Those living around Satellite Town or Festac area can do their thumb printing at ROYALTiMEDIA COMPUTER INSTITUTE plot 11 Elumeke Street Ijegun Imore New site Satellite Town Lagos or call 07036541855

  28. Egwu Florence Mgbo says

    My biometrics is not working 🤷
    What could be the reason please??

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Have you validated your BVN? And what error are you getting exactly.

      1. Egwu Florence Mgbo says

        I have done the BVN validation but I kept getting BVN already been used each time I try doing My biometrics

        Please what do I do?🤷

  29. Hamzat Nurudeen Olayinka says

    Good sir/ma, please help me I need a biometric software email [email protected]