NPower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates 2021 for NASIMS Biometrics

NPower Batch C Stream B or Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates for Biometrics 2021 | NASIMS: The N-Power Managements has confirmed that there will be a Batch C Stream B or Stream 2  list of Shortlisted Candidates to be released for biometrics thumb printing and fingerprint.

You can recall that names of successfully shortlisted candidates on the stream 1 were out for fingerprint and biometrics verification and has ended on the 6th of June 2021.

NOTE: All shortlisted applicants are requested to immediately enroll their biometric data to qualify for the final selection stage of the N-POWER Batch C (Stream 2) programme.

See: NPower NASIMS Biometric/Fingerprint Capture Portal 2021/2022 | Nasims gov ng

Candidates shortlisted on the N-Power Batch C Stream A or Stream 1 were advised to do their biometrics verification before the deadline of 6th June. If you were not shortlisted earlier, never give up yet as more applicants are to be shortlisted on the next stream of candidates to carry out their Fingerprints and Thumbprints for verification and authentication.

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NPower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisted Candidates 2021

Are Npower batch c applicant? If yes, we got good news for you. It’s perfectly clear that many  npower batch c applicants are yet to make the of shortlisted candidates.

However, you still stand the chance of making it into the second stream of the program selection according to minister of minister for Humanitarian Affairs.

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Yet,  if The population of applicant’s of an area is over the specific number of 1000 in local government A. Only those who scored 70% to 100% will be selected.

But if local Government B has a population that its number of applicants are less than 1000 Applicants.

If even an applicant of N-power scored 0% or 35%, he or she can still be selected to balance the needed number that is required to meet in the program

When will Npower batch C stream 2 selection commence? 

According to her, the second stream of selection for N-Power batch C will begin on the 15/10/2021.

What is the required Cutoff mark for Npower batch C stream 2 selection?

That applications will still be considered from 45% to 65% in the second stream of Batch C selection.

Applicants can check their emails or the N-Power Nasims Portal on the 15 October 2021 since the selection will last till 21 November 2021.

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Physical Verification for Npower batch C stream 1 selection start?

The  physical verification for Batch C stream 1 will commence on the 10th September 2021 till 24th September 2021.

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  1. Please sir I missed the test ,is it possible for me to write it again when stream 2 screening commence ?
    That is any hope of writing again

  2. I was shortlisted for stream 1 batch C but I was not aware of the fingerprint thumbprint and verification, So I didn’t get a deployment letter as a result of that. I went to the local government and they said invalid. Is there anything I can do that will help me?

  3. Oruayewohwo Irebeji

    I was shortlisted for stream but I was not aware of the fingerprint thumbprint and verification, So I didn’t get a deployment letter as a result of that. I went to the local government and they said invalid. What is my faith now?

  4. Good evening sir, pls is npower stream 2 list out ? Moreover I scored 85 in my test and was not shortlisted for stream 1 do I still have hope for stream 2?

  5. Just here praying 🙏and hoping for it to end in praise

    I’m yet to be shortlisted…#hopeful

  6. Good night.sir,I Dial.this code*45665#to check preselected I see sani congratulation I have been preselected, but if I check applicant status it show me I am not selected this time OK sir what happen to that? have a nice day.

  7. Not yet posted while they have posted me before So what will I do

  8. Good evening sir, Iam from Akwa ibom state , Eket precisely and i scored 70 in my test but I wasn’t shortlisted. Please sir is there still hope for me?

  9. I scored 75 but wasn’t shortlisted why? Any hope for stream 2?

  10. I have not been deployed yet Was told no PPA for my LGA. Do I still go for physical verification and can I switch to another program.

  11. Please sir notify me of npower batch c stream 2 shortlist and biometric verification dates. Thanks

  12. But sir, how truth is this news that, stream 2 will commence on 15/10/2021

  13. You mean your friends that registered under your LG with 55 or less scores shortlisted??

  14. please sir, I did my thumbprint and was shortlisted in stream 1 but yet to be deployed any hope for me?

  15. Sir, I score 55 and I’m not shortlisted.why? And is it possible to make stream 2 of this program? And the stream 1 are for those? As we have n teach, agro, technical and others… My question is the stream 2 are for which category under n power

  16. sir I did not do thumb print, is there any hope for me on the second stream? Or will there be another thumb print for the second stream

  17. Good evening Sir, l,m from benue state in ushongo LGA, I scor 65 in my test but not shortlist in stream1 and some of my frds who scor 50 are shortlisted why?.

  18. Please sir, I did my biometric but not yet deployed, is there hope for me to be deployed in stream 2?

  19. I have not done my physical Verification because I don’t have my original documents with me here, can I use photo copy one or scan it

  20. Sir when I was uploaded my documents to take test the computer center made mistake in my date of birth and I scored 75 could it be the reason why I was not selected in steam 1 and I ask this question is their any hope for me in steam since I have try to reupload it and is not working

  21. I have done the test but I heard that they are taken another test for that have not been shortlisted

  22. Pls sir people that have not been shortlisted are they taking another test

  23. Agbogubi Destiny omamuromu

    pls,sir my test score is not showing again am worried

  24. Please sir,those that have not been shortlisted is there still hope for them


  26. Can I still do the biometric?

  27. So am i going for the verification or not

  28. LEIZOU
    Your PPA venue will be made available upon completion of Physical Verification Exercise.i receive those messages

  29. Nasims send me a deployment Email, while in my dashboard showing me you have not been deployed yet.What is the problem?

  30. I have not been shortlisted… Is dere any hope and was unable to do the fingerprint, can I still do it?

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