NPower Screening & Verification for Batch C Stream 2 2022 |

NPower Batch C, Stream 2 Screening and Physical Verification 2022

NPower Screening & Verification Date for Batch C Stream 2 2022 | The NPower Physical Screening and Document Verification for all Shortlisted Batch C Stream B or Stream 2 has been announced.

All applicants of the N-Power Batch C  Stream  2 Recruitment Exercise who have successfully printed their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) Deployment Letters and have also uploaded their acceptance letters  on the NPower NASIMS PPA Portal are advised to attend the Physical Verification Exercise.

Print NPower PPA Letter Here.

NPower NASIMS Screening and Verification, 2022.

Npower batch c stream 2 beneficiaries will begin physical verification on a date to be communicated soon. Candidates who do not appear on time for the physical verification will be automatically disqualified.

Npower Physical Verification Requirements, 2022

To participate in the 2022 physical verification exercise, you need to go with the following to your center.

  1. Educational Credentials
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Deployment Letter (Acceptance Letter)
  4. NYSC Certificate
  5. State Origin Certificate
  6. Passport photograph
  7. A valid identity card

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After the NPower Registration and the test, the NPower management has set for another screening exercise known as physical Verification.

This is the process where all the documents uploaded during the registration process by applicants will be provided physically. In this case, all applicants who participated in the NPower Batch C registration are expected to provide all the vital documents they uploaded during the registration.

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Therefore, they are categories of people that will be disqualified during the physical Verification exercise. Before an applicant must scale through the final stage which is the physical Verification exercise, He/ She must have the following requirements to avoid disqualification: just as we mentioned earlier.

1. All your document include Educational Qualifications, birth certificate, Local Government as Origin Certificate and your Identical Card must be presented.

2. You must be present in your State Of residence you select during the registration process.

3. If you were unable to write the test, you will not be selected for the physical Verification Exercise.

4. If there was a mistake in your Personal information during the registration process, please kindly sort it out before the commencement of the Physical Verification.

5. If you have double Registration automatically, you are disqualified. And for those of Batch A” or B” who also participate on this Exercise will surely be terminated from all the FG social intervention programs.

6. All Applicants must be present at the screening Venue.

In conclusion, all applicants are expected to visit the NASIMS official Portal to know their screening date, beginning from 18/05/2022.

How to Check NPower Screening Date and Deployment 2022

To check your NPower screening date and venue for the batch c recruitment exercise, you need to open and login to the NASIMS Portal with your register email and password by following the steps outlined below.

  • Visit the NASIMS Login Portal via
  • Login using your Email and Password
  • After you have successfully login, your dashboard will now be accessible to you
  • Proceed to check for your screening date, deployment status, Verification status, test score, etc
  • To check for your NPower Screening Date, Click on the “Screening” Tab
  • To view your NPower Deployment Status, Click on the “Deployment” Tab
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Do the same as above for other actions you want to perform such as viewing your test score, Verification Status, etc.

NOTE: For now, many candidates may not be able to see their screening date or venue assign to them, but the verification and shortlisting of candidates for the screening phase is ongoing in batches, so you are advised to exercise patience and keep on checking on the website, so you don’t miss out when you are finally shortlisted and assign a screening day and venue.

Do not forget to leave a comment below if you want to be notified as soon as the NPower Screening Date for Batch C Stream 2 is finally out and ready to be printed. Make sure you turn on the post notification, so you don’t miss out. If you also have a question regarding your NPower NASIMS Portal, kindly drop a comment with your issues, so we can attend to them.

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  1. CHRISTIANA says

    Need to know when screening begins

  2. Ayoola Giwa says

    Pls I have been tried several times to print my pls letter
    but I couldn’t up till now . Please help me out I don’t no what to do.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Call the support lines for help

  3. Itoro Uton says

    I can’t download my PPA, it’s showing DOB doesn’t match BVN. Meanwhile, it has been corrected. What else can I do?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Call or email support for assistance, or contact representative at your council area

      1. Uton Itoro says

        I went there severally, it’s seems d pressure is too much on her, she said she can’t attend to complains but just there to do physical verification. Right now I can’t even assess my dashboard. the call lines are not going through. I need help as soon as possible.

        1. Samuel Maxwell says

          Where you not allowed to do your physical verification?

          1. Uton Itoro says

            I was verified successfully, before then a message ( DOB does not match BVN details) popped up when I try to download my PPA letter. Meanwhile 5 days before I proceeded to be verified I made correction on my BVN from d bank and collected my printout. But d same message still pop up each time I try to download. PS can my bank details be verified again to effect the corrected BVN? Also for a while now I can’t access my dashboard. What could be d problem

          2. Samuel Maxwell says

            Don’t panic, every issue will be resolved soon as possible, so just give it some time and try again

  4. Wilson opukumo says

    I have not been deployed. when I click the deployment status it’s showing that I have not been deployed yet. My program is N- Tech. What should I do?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Wait for stream 2

  5. Akinwoleola glory adeola says

    Sir i have not received any congratulatory message. What should I do.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Does your dashboard shows you’re deployed?

  6. Yakubu Janet says

    Sir please the site is not opening and I didn’t download my PPA letter and the physical screening is on the 10th please what should i do?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Go to the venue early and table your complaints

  7. Olawale says

    Pls sir I have print my ppa letter and sign it but I was unable to upload it please what can I do about it

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Don’t worry, attention your physical verification

  8. bassey bassey says

    Please sir I try to download my post letter , but there are telling me to update my date of birth.what should I do? thanks

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      If there is an issue with your birthday then go ahead and update it

  9. Lawal folashade lola says

    I have not been deploy yet when i click on my deployment status i read that the programm is not available in my local government nteach please what can I do now bcos physical verification is on the 10th sept.2021 no but

  10. Lawal folashade lola says

    I have not been deploy yet when i click on my deployment status i read that the programm is not available in my local government nteach please what can I do now bcos physical verification is on the 10th sept.2021

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Change to the programmes available to you

  11. UTAZI LOVETH says

    Please I recently changed my surname due to marriage, how can I update it in my portal

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Edit it on your dashboard

  12. Oni Amos says

    sir, I received congratulatory email, also, I proceed on my physical verification exercise. But the date and center have not uploaded on my porter. But when I dial this code *45665# it gave me the address where to go for PV.
    Should I proceed with the address or I should wait for the notification on my porter?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Please proceed

  13. Usman sarawa says

    Sir ,What and what are we going to present in the physical verification day

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Your credentials as submitted on the NASIMS Portal

  14. Usman says

    Sir I never download my PPA letter,and it show me; please proceed for physical verification. what should I do

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Proceed and have your letter signed and upload it back to the portal.

  15. Joshua tunde says

    I tried to log in to download my ppa letter is not connecting should I send you my details to help me print it out ?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Yes, you can

      1. Joshua tunde says

        But will my bvn safe and other documents ?

        1. Samuel Maxwell says

          Yes sure. reply to the email directly