NPower Stipend Payment for Batch C Stream 1 | NASIMS Payroll 2021

NPower Stipend Payment for Batch C Stream 1 | NASIMS Payroll 2021: This is to inform all beneficiaries of the NPower Batch C Stream A that the monthly stipend has now been sent out to the beneficiaries bank accounts provided during application and profile update.

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The NPower has commenced their first stipend payment by paying for the month of September, October and November 2021. Beneficiaries are likely to see only September Payment as the payment is in its first phase, but be reset assured that the backlog will be fully paid in the next phase of the payment.

How to Receive NPower Stipend Payment 2021.

Getting paid for the month of September is done by the NPower Management and nothing beneficiaries can do on their part other than providing their correct account information, which include bank name, account name, account number and bank verification number (BVN).

Once you have provided the above information correctly, and your payment is still been delayed, be patient as payment will surely reach every beneficiary as payments are sent in batches and not all banks have started sending out payment.

Reasons You Have Not Received NPower Stipend Payment

There might be several reasons why you have not received your first NPower Stipend Payment, which consist of wrong bank verification number, wrong account number or selecting a wrong bank.


We observed that your account details on your profile were not validated. This has made it impossible for your account to be credited.

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Please make available your account details, as we put a call across to you or still call our designated call lines on 092203102, 018888148.

If you are facing any of the above, kindly contact support to rectify your issue as soon as possible in order to be paid like everyone else.

NPower Payroll Tab on NASIMS

When you log in to your NASIMS Portal and navigate to the Payroll Tab, from there you will see the status of your stipend payment. Below are some information you should know as a beneficiary or an applicant awaiting to be shortlisted and deployed on the NPower Stream 2.

Pending NPower Payment Status

When you see pending on your payroll tab on the NASIMS Portal, this means that your payment have not been sent to your bank for processing, at this point there is nothing you can do than to wait.

Processing NPower Payment Status

This particular notice means your payment has been sent to your bank for mass payment and the bank has initiated the transaction, waiting for it to drop in your account. How long this will be is not known, but nothing you can do on your end to fasten the process.

No Payment Data Available NPower Payment Status

If unfortunately you see this on your payroll tab upon checking, this means that your bank account were not provided, and/or they were simply not captured on the portal when you supplied them. To resolve this type of issue, you will have to contact your PPA Supervisor or contact the NASIMS Portal Support via email or phone call.

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If your NPower Stipend Payment Status have been changed from Processing to Pending, what this means is that  the first attempt to send your payment did not work out, so all you have to do is to wait, if there is an issue  with your account details, you will be notified on what to do. Don’t Panic!

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NOTE: Please if you are a NPower Batch C volunteer/beneficiary and on checking your payroll tab you saw the payment ID Pay/08/11/202100000001 it actually means you were paid exactly on the 8th November 2021, the first part of the ID “pay”, means payment had been effected, the “08” actually shows the day of payment, while the “11” shows the month of payment, while the “202100000001” shows the year of payment, while the 1 at the end denotes the batch, in this case Batch C Stream 1.

If your NPower Stipend Payment shows pending, your payment have been sent to be paid by your bank, just exercise patience as the delay is actually from your deposit bank, and might be due to bulk payment glitch from NIBSS Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Scheme.

For now beneficiaries, volunteers are getting only September NPower Stipend Payments, October will soon follow and November stipend will be paid in the first week of December 2021.

If you are having issues that are not addressed or not mentioned in this post then leave a comment below stating your issue, and we will attend to your challenges and help you on the right way to solve them in not time. 

Have you been paid already? Share the good news and Let us know which bank. Good luck to all beneficiaries getting paid and the upcoming stream 2 applicants.

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  1. Oluria future says

    I’m an npower beneficiary of batch c stream 1 I have received setember and October but my November stipend shows fail transfer not successful but right now my December stipend is showing pending what is the solution for me to receive my November stipend please help me

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      The technical team will rectify this issue soon. Kindly contact the support lines.

    2. Florence says

      My November payment is showing failed since 4th till now it’s still the same, please what’s the issue.

      1. Samuel Maxwell says

        Be patient as it will be automatically rectified.

  2. Sarah says

    My November payment is showing failed transaction doesn’t exist. Please what do I do??😨

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      It will be rectified, it’s network issues

  3. Nancy Bozimo says

    I have received 2 successful payments! That’s September and October! Getting to November, it’s showing failed and then “invalid account”! Is this also a network problem?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Could be a network problem

  4. Usman Abdullahi says

    Good morning, I’m have not receive my October payment, please sir my payroll on my dashboard it’s shaw processing before, but now it’s showing failed [transaction does not exist], the same transaction it’s showing pending for November process why, please help me to solve my issue, And all my bank details is correctly, notice.

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Call the support lines or email them for help on this issue

  5. Halira says

    Sir,Since I saw my September salary,nothing paired again no any information again,I wonder if something went wrong,I haven’t even see my October stipend till now

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Don’t worry, every issue on payment will be rectified soon

  6. Glory says

    Sir Max, what is going on. Is n power not done rectifying our hanging September stipend .Today is 8th December 2021. My payroll is blank. My account is validated.

    1. Admin says

      Have you tried contacting the support team about your issue?