Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2020 |

Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2020/2021 | The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) 2020 recruitment exercise confirmation slip is now available for all candidates who applied for the ongoing recruitment exercise.

If you applied for the Nigeria Police Recruitment exercise for 2020, then you are advised to log on back to the recruitment portal and print your confirmation slip now.

Before printing your NPF Confirmation Slip, kindly note that if you earlier applied for the Nigeria Police Recruitment, you are required to update your information on the recruitment portal of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

How to Update Police Recruitment Record 2020.

To update your information or record on the Nigeria Police Recruitment Portal, kindly follow the below guidelines to do so and then proceed to Print your Confirmation Slip and Guarantor Form.

The instructions on the police recruitment portal reads; If You Have Applied Before Kindly Input Your Nin Number To Update Your Record

To update your records

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  1. Visit NPF Portal via
  2. Scroll down to where is says “You must provide your NIN number to continue”
  3. Input your National Identification Number (NIN) in the field ans click on Verify button.

Wait for the system to fetch your information, the continue to update the record and submit your application again.

After that you can proceed to to download or print your NPF Confirmation Slip and also download the Guarantor Form if you have not already.

How to Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2020.

To print your Nigeria Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip, kindly follow the guideline/procedure to easily print your slip without issues.

To print npf confirmation slip;

  1. Visit the police recruitment confirmation slip page via
  2. Input Enter your Reference ID / NIN / Email / Phone in the box that appears (The Application Reference Number Looks Like NPF/2020-41828028 or your NIN or Your registered email or Phone Number)
  3. Proceed to click on Preview
  4. Your npf application confirmation slip will load up then you can proceed to print or download in pdf for later use.

Download NPF Guarantor Form.

The guarantor form is also available on the portal for candidates to download and print, to download the nigeria police force guarantor form, Click here to download.

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Remember: If you don’t know Enter your Reference ID you can use your NIN, Email or Phone number. If you encounter errors while trying to update your Police Recruitment Records/Information or while trying to print your NPF confirmation slip then feel free to comment below with the issue you are having and we will try to solve it for you.

If you also want to receive latest updates on the Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Exercise then leave a comment below with your email and you will always be update notified of latest updates from the NPF Recruitments.

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  1. Emmanuel Michael says

    Good afternoon sir, you said that I should send the phone number and email that I use to register NPF, because I have tried to reprint the confirmation slip but nothing show up please help me 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    08153881954 OR 08029837502
    [email protected]
    NiN (64854995290)

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      The Printing is not responding, am still trying, anytime it goes through i will forward the slip to your email.

  2. Emmanuel Michael says

    08153881954 OR 0802 983 7502
    Email [email protected]
    NiN 64854995290

    God bless you sir 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. Emmanuel Michael says

    { 08153881954 OR 0802 983 7502 }
    { Email [email protected] }
    { NiN 64854995290 }

    God bless you sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Emmanuel Michael says

    Good day sir, my name is Emmanuel Michael I attended the screening mistakenly I submitted my confirmation slip with out any photo copy and my gurantor form, and my mind is telling me that there will still demand for it expecially the confirmation slip that is carrying my reference number, I have tried all the instructions that there gave me, so that I can reprint it back but nothing show up instead there wrote APPLICATION DOES NOT EXIST , sir please right now I don’t know what to do and if I lose this opportunity, please help me out before the list will be released please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Give me the phone number and email you used during the return registration

  5. Akamobong ikpe udo says

    I lost my print out form

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      You can still get it. Just follow the instructions to print another one.

  6. Babatunde Ayodeji says

    I printed out my slip nicely ND correctly but I don’t receive any screening invitating letter, hope there’s no problem sir

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      You don’t need screening invitation, just attend on the date scheduled for your local government

  7. Salisu Ahmed says

    I forger to print my slip place how can we do

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Follow the instructions and have your slip printed

  8. Saifullahi Dauda garba says

    I can’t print out my slip how can I sir

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Follow instructions in the post to do it.

  9. Okpegboro Queen says

    Sir please help me I can’t print out my confirmation Id number what should I do?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Why are you not able to print, are you facing any particular error?

  10. musa idi says

    Sir screening would star tommorow


    how can i update my record?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Input your NIN on the portal homepage and click verify to bring up your details if it need updates.

  12. Patrick says

    How can I retrieve my reference ID in order to print out my slip

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Input and verify your NIN on the portal, when your information appears, go ahead and submit then you will see your reference number.

  13. Patrick says

    Once I input my NIN, it will redirect me to print confirmation slip. Meanwhile, I didn’t copy out my reference ID. How can I get it back?

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Reference number retrieval process hasn’t been revealed yet but I will find a way out for you to get it.

  14. Olawale ayinde says

    Pls sir I print out confirmation slip but d Area of result detail and contact phone number is nt print along with first paragraph any issue on dis

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      No issue, you’re good to go.

  15. Ethothi Christian says

    I can’t print out my slip… They re telling me application does no exist… Pls I need a solution

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Kindly input your NIN and verify your information, fill out any field that requires update and submit.

  16. Ethothi Christian says

    Pls I try to login my reference lD number but they re telling me application does no exist

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Re update your information by imputing your NIN and click verify, fill the missing information and submit.


    Pls when I tried copying my references Id network failed immediatly even the confirmation slip,pls how do get my references Id and print the confirmation slip

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Input your NIN on the portal, proceed to update your application so you can get the reference number to print your slip.

  18. ETIM UKPABIO says

    Before I could copy my Reference ID Number, network failed me how do get it back and I couldn’t print my confirmation slip

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Input your NIN, and verify you will get your reference number.

  19. ABUBAKAR ISA says

    printing slip problem

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      What is the issue you are facing?

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