Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid | NASIMS Payroll 2021

How to Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid: The NPower Batch C Stream 1 Scheme has commenced mass payment of 30,000 Thousand Naira to Beneficiaries on the NASIMS Payroll Portal for the Month of September 2021.

The NPower management has been working diligently to guarantee that all members of Batch C1 have received their stipends. This post will walk you through the process of validating your NPower account in order to receive payment.

Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid

The management of the NPower programme is requesting that all Batch C stream 1 beneficiaries of the programme authenticate their bank accounts details and Bank Verification Number (BVN). Beneficiaries  should authenticate or validate their bank account details if it has not yet been validated or showing invalid BVN or account, they should.

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The crediting of accounts that have not been validated will not be possible for the payment of stipends.

According to the results of the NPower management, some beneficiaries’ accounts have not been authenticated, and as a result, they will not be credited.

How to Validate Your NPower Account to Get Paid 

Affected individuals are urged to access their NASIMS profile dashboard and complete the necessary actions as a result of this notice.

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Additionally, they are expected to have their account information ready because management will be calling them on the phone to verify their account information and credentials.

Such a beneficiary can also contact the NPower staff through the following numbers: 092203102 018888148.

Beneficiaries are urged to check their accounts on the self-service portal to see if they have been authenticated or not in this regard.

For further information, please visit the NASIMS portal at for further assistance.

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  1. Maureen Revolet says

    Pls sir I have not gotten any message because I lost my phone and now I can’t log in

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Login to your nasims portal and check under verification tab

  2. Ezeja Collins says

    Please sir how do I send mail to them because I have been calling their line but is not responding

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      The email is [email protected]

      1. Ogundipe Samson samuel says

        Pls I check my detail my BVN is provided and validated but have not be paid and I check my payment ID says failed no action taken.

        1. Samuel Maxwell says

          You haven’t been paid October stipend?

  3. Ezeja Collins says

    Please Sir my payment status is showing failed and I have checked my bank details they are correct and my bvn is also showing provided and invalid what is the problem and what will I do to be paid

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Call or send an email to the support about your issue, if you get no response, kindly wait a while, the issue will surely be resolved and you will get paid.

  4. Onyeka Chidiogo says

    Please my npower payroll is showing no payment data available and i have check my account details they are correct and my BVN is also showing provided and invalid pls what else can the the cause of no payment pls some one should help me

    1. Samuel Maxwell says

      Your payment have not been initiated yet… If it stays like that for too long then call or email support team for resolution.

      1. Ogundipe Samson samuel says

        Okay ,But since September sir.Anyway I will still check it next week and I will update if any changes occur.Thanks

        1. Samuel Maxwell says

          Alright, you are welcome