What to do if you see BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later

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Lots  and lots of comments from N-Power Teach applicants are all about“BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later” complaints, that is N-Teach applicants who are unable to login and write their test.

This BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later has been a problem to most N-Teach candidates who successfully applied for the 2017 N-Power Programme under the Teach category. 

On like other category, the issue of BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later was noticed in a little magnitude compared to that of the N-Teach.

If you try to login your test portal and it shows BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later don’t panic or worry about it, you have nothing to fear and panic that you have lost to be N-Powered NO.BVN Validation will soon be over, just exercise your BVN will be validated and you will be able to write  your test or know your test date.

We have had so many case of BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later and they were able to write their test successfully.

Once your BVN has been validated, your might be asked to being test immediately or will be scheduled for another date to take your test. Note that the test comprises of;
N-Teach quiz test – first and second attempt 11 questions with 20minutes each respectively
N-Power Device selection – five minutes to choose a device
Stem Test that is competency test which include database, programme, graphics etc – each 11 questions with 20 minutes each respectively. You will be expected answer all the questions within the slated times.

Once you login and it displays BVN Validation Ongoing Check Back Later, don’t worry just follow this steps
  1. Properly check your URL if you are on the write page for N-Teach
  2. Login again with your BVN and phone number
  3. Keep checking it at least 5 times a day at different intervals example in the morning , afternoon and evening.
Also the BVN Validation Ongoing could be as a result of invalid/in-corresponding etc on details submitted by the applicants. 

If it continues till the end of the test know that it is the end of your N-Power Journey.

Note that whatever happens we will always be here to guide and assist and support you in any way we can.

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